tax cooperation
for sustainable development
in the Global South

SouthViews No. 230, 25 November 2021: The Place of Multilateralism in Tax Reforms: Exclusionary Outcomes of a Purported Inclusive Framework

By Alexander Ezenagu

SouthNews No. 389, 19 November 2021: International Taxation from Global South Perspectives

By Badr Mandri, Sebastien Babou Diasso, and Aaditri Solankii

Tax Cooperation Policy Brief 21, November 2021: Streamlining the Architecture of International Tax through a UN Framework Convention on Tax Cooperation

By Abdul Muheet Chowdhary and Sol Picciotto

Conference: International Taxation from Global South Perspectives (In Partnership with The Policy Center for the New South)

Wednesday 13 October 2021 15h00 – 16h30 GMT+1 Live-Stream (YouTube, Facebook, Live Tweet)



Webinar: Build Your House on Your Own Pillars – Key Issues for Developing Countries at the OECD Inclusive Framework Negotiations on the Taxation of the Digital Economy (organized by South Centre and the Global Alliance for Tax Justice)

Tuesday 15 June 2021 – 1 PM to 3 PM (CET)

Peer Exchange on Negotiation of DTAAs, Digital Economy and Exchange of Information (Peer Exchange Capacity Building Module: International Tax Cooperation)

Virtual, 29-30 March 2021 14:00 – 16:00 CET / 08:00 – 10:00 BOT