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 A key objective of the South Centre Tax Initiative (SCTI) is to document and disseminate best practices in international taxation by developing countries. Accordingly, we invite both practitioners and academics to submit original and republished contributions for publication by the South Centre.


Submission Guidelines

Please submit your contribution to along with:

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Six to eight keywords
  • Author first and last name, current designation and affiliation. We include the provided email address in the author note.
  • Include “Policy Brief/Research Paper/SouthViews Submission” in the subject line depending on the category of publication (more details below)
  • Papers should be sent as an attachment, in Word (.doc or .docx). Please do not send in .pdf format.
  • Pictures may be submitted along with your submission.
    • Images must fall into one of these categories: [1] your own work—i.e. you took the photograph; [2] freely licensed; [3] public domain; [4] fair use. (E-mail with any questions.)
    • Attach images to the same e-mail as your paper submission. Please indicate where you prefer to place these photos in the paper.
    • Include a short (1 sentence) caption of each image.
  • We will work with you via e-mail to edit and proof your submission prior to publication, as necessary.
  • The following disclaimer will appear in the publication: The views contained in this (publication) are attributable to the author/s and do not represent the institutional views of the South Centre or its Member States. Any mistake or omission in this study is the sole responsibility of the author/s.

Contributors are urged to follow the South Centre Editorial Guidelines

The SCTI editorial team reserves the right to slot an article in a specific category, as deemed fit.


Decision Process

Receipt of articles is immediately acknowledged by email. If contributors have not received an acknowledgement within a week of submission, they are requested to check their spam folders for the e-mail and write to us at

Please note that the acknowledgement is only for confirming receipt of the article and does not imply that any decision regarding acceptance has been made. After submission, authors are requested to refrain from sending revised versions of their article with minor formatting or style changes.

Articles with immediate relevance for policy and the current news cycle would be considered for early publication. Please note that these are matters of editorial discretion. The SCTI team also reserves the right to make requisite changes to titles, subheadings, abstracts, and acknowledgements.


Categories for Submission

Research Papers

These are a formal, occasional publication of the South Centre. They present in-depth analysis of relevant policy issues, options and recommendations.

Research Papers may be used for the following purposes:

  • Presentation of new and original research
  • Analysis of policy proposals, options and issues


  • Commissioned or in house
  • Should end with a conclusion that highlights the policy relevance of research findings
  • Minimum: 17.000 words / Maximum: 21.000 words (40/50 pages), excluding title, table of contents, abstract, footnotes and references.


Policy Briefs

These are a formal, occasional publication of the South Centre. They present a succinct analysis of policy issues in the areas covered by the Centre’s Work Program. Their aim is to convey key messages and reach governments (including negotiators in various fora) and other audiences. They are targeted to respond to particular, specific and timely policy issues and events and may also be used to present findings of research undertaken by the Centre or by other academics or government officials.

Policy Briefs may be used for the following purposes :

  • Carry out the independent think tank aspect of the work of the South Centre by advancing:
    • a particular policy alternative or preferred course of action
    • important regional/global events
    • important current and emerging issues
    • cross-cutting policy issues;
  • Integration of micro and macro level policy issues;
  • Advancing the major themes of other formal publications;
  • Advancing issues that can be followed by in depth analysis by the other formal publications;
  • Reporting important meetings, negotiations and events.


  • Technical language is simplified to the extent possible
  • Succinct: focus on arguments/key evidence
  • Brief: 10 pages maximum (aprox. 5000 words)



These are opinion articles that provide the author’s perspective on a particular issue and are usually around 1,500-3,000 words (3-5 pages).



SCTI posts all published articles on its website as well as on select databases. The copyright of all articles belongs to the South Centre and to the author or to the organisation where the author is employed, as determined by the author’s terms of employment.


Permission for Reproduction

SCTI has no objection to authors republishing or revising their articles for other publications. However, the republished article must mention prominently that a version of the article first appeared in the South Centre. It must also include the publication details along with the URL of the original article.



G-24 South Centre Call For Papers: Comparing tax revenues to be generated from United Nations and OECD Subject To Tax Rule (STTR)

Deadline – 1 July 2024

The G-24 and the South Centre have launched this Call For Papers providing funding for studies which can produce country level comparative revenue estimates of the UN and OECD STTR on the 65 combined Member States of the South Centre (available here) and the G-24 (available here). The data should clearly provide how much revenue each Member State will get if they opt for the UN STTR vs the OECD STTR. The objective is to help Member States of both intergovernmental organizations make informed decisions on adopting the version of the STTR which is more beneficial to them.

Member States of the G-24 and the South Centre are advised to wait till the publication of the results of this study before taking a decision on whether or not to sign the OECD STTR MLI.


Send the abstract proposal of up to 700 words to and with the subject titled “Submission: Call for abstracts on UN and OECD STTR” together with a CV.

A response will be provided to selected participants by 15 July 2024.