Publications: SouthNews

Taxation of the digitalized economy
Joint workshop of the South Centre and the West African Tax Administration Forum (WATAF)

SouthNews No. 421, 9 September 2022

By Sébastien Babou Diasso and Dan-Asabe Ozayashi
International Taxation from Global South Perspectives
SouthNews No. 389, 19 November 2021

By Badr Mandri, Sebastien Babou Diasso, and Aaditri Solankii
Issues for Developing Countries in Negotiations on the Taxation of the Digital Economy
SouthNews No. 379, 3 August 2021

By Aaditri Solankii and Khalid Phul
Capacity building for Latin American officials on international taxation
SouthNews No. 364, 19 April 2021

By Luis Fernando Rosales, Abdul Muheet Chowdhary and Aaditri Solankii
UN Tax Committee provides draft guidance on taxing the digitalized economy
SouthNews No. 332, 28 August 2020

By Abdul Muheet Chowdhary